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Gratitude: Milestones & Other Matters

This past week I was grateful for... …my amazing friends. And my dear friend Heidi, who was willing to assemble so many of them in my honor.

…spring temperatures (however fleeting).

…my mother, who is a little loco about this baby arriving but is so cute. Every time I see her she frets about me slipping on ice patches and says, “Don’t drop the baby!”

…feeling so fantastic during this pregnancy.

people who tell me my skin looks fabulous, particularly since a lot of the time I don’t feel as if my skin looks fabulous.

…how special Laurel’s milestones feel. She lost her first tooth (finally!) on Wednesday and on Thursday she took a shower all by herself (I hung out in the bathroom and gave her the play by play on how to wash and condition her hair). So cute.

…long, leisurely chats with Jon.

…mommy/daughter mani/pedis with Laurel. Her fingers and toes are now alternating orange and purple.

…belly casting. It was a bit of a chilly, messy process but Laurel loved it and the cast already looks really cool. I can’t wait to see how Laurel decorates it.

…the anticipation of Korean food.

What were you grateful for this week?