Relaxed Roll, 35 Weeks

As much as I love dressing up, I also love the days where I have no appointments and can simply cozy up in soft clothes (I adore my super soft cotton Gap maternity tees…I think I got the one in the pictures below on sale for, like, $7) and my Tibetan yak blanket, and crank away on projects in my studio. This week is largely that kind of week, so here I am, all relaxed, trying to take a page from my gorgeous friend Karen’s play book with a couple of photos in which I’m not looking directly into the camera. Since I wasn’t looking at the mirror, I just snapped away, adjusting the angle slightly per snap -– this method resulted in lots of comical shots (many only including random body parts), but I did get a few where I'm (mostly) in the frame. I like how pretty and soft the light is on this one:

And the expression on my face in this one kind of cracks me up. Insert your own thought bubble.

As for Roll, she's doing great. Moving a ton and making it challenging for me to sleep through the night (no doubt a preview of what's to come...) but it's been a fantastic pregnancy. I'm so curious to see what she looks like and what her personality plays out to be. There's so much love waiting for her.