Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Gratitude: Random Things Big and Small

This past week I was grateful for... Image by Christine Koh

…the inspiration I draw from seeing people I love try new things. (Kudos to my sister Steph, who kicked ass at her first aerial arts recital.)

…digital cameras.

…my DSLR, which allows me to shoot a bajillion pictures a minute.

…Tuesdays when Jon is home and makes me lunch.

…having a yummy pizza/sandwich spot right at the end of our street.

…the babysitter we hired this week – yippee! sweet mom, who's a little crazy but very cute in her concern about me going anywhere farther than 2 miles from my home right now.


…the candor I have developed as an independent makes my life so much easier now.

…my creative daughter – Laurel and I were on fire in my studio yesterday!

…the two new sump pumps we now have in our basement. I’m now less scared about all of this snow melting.

What were you grateful for this week?