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Gratitude: Lots of Little Things

This past week I was grateful for... …the sweetness that is our family of four.

…that Jon thinks to bring me breakfast in bed.

…the fact that Violet has taken to the bottle so easily (we avoided our mistake with Laurel -– starting the bottle at 3 months -– by starting at 3 weeks). It’s been so fun for Jon and Laurel to be able to feed her. The novelty of this has not worn off!

…baby slings.

...visitors who clean up after themselves.

…friends who bring dinner.

…homemade éclairs and flan.

…the sun finally coming out.

…Violet’s nighttime sleeping power. Ever since Mother’s Day she’s been sleeping 8 or so hours at night. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

…our babysitter.

…my oldest brother and our open, healing communication this week.

…store credit.

…having a baby who looks like this when she sees me:

What were you grateful for this week?