Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Happy 3 Months, Violet

I can hardly believe baby Violet is 3 months old today. Her labor and delivery is still so vivid, even though it feels like a million years ago. Violet is so clearly a part of our family, despite her short time with us.

I feel so blessed -- I don't know how it's working out, but largely, she and I have lots of wonderful snuggle and play time and then I chip away at work at random times. Everyone is happy.

Violet is just about as awesomely easy as a baby could get. Breastfeeding is easy, she sleeps about 12 hours every night (yes, I know how lucky I am!), and her disposition is cheery. She's such a cute little chatter and giggler.

And today, we move Violet into Laurel's room. We weren't planning on that but Laurel begged for Violet to be her roommate. And since Vi sleeps so well, we figured, why not? And really, who could blame anyone for wanting the owner of these deliciously chubby haunches as a roomie?

Happy three months, Violet. I feel so grateful to have you in our lives and so incredibly lucky to be your mama.