Because It's Still Cool To Blog

The Simple Things

Usually when I'm en route home from a conference, I write about it on the way home. But this time I was tuckered out. Emotionally spent (in a good way) from the outpouring at Camp Mighty, plus I was flying the red eye. I fell asleep instantly once we pulled out of the gate and didn't wake up until they turned the cabin lights on in Boston. It's been a little hard to dive back into life. Yes, there's the volume of work awaiting me, but I've felt particularly taxed by personal crap. I just keep trying to breathe, and remember how much I have in this life, and keep focused on the goodness.

And the fact that I have a daughter who welcomed me home with a cake she baked from scratch:

And a stack of school papers including this note:

"I am thankful for my family because my parents take care of me and my sister Violet and keep us safe and I am thankful for Violet because whenever I am sad she always knows how to cheer me up. I am thankful for my favorite stuffed animal Honey Bunny because it was my moms first stuffed animal. I am thankful for my house because it gives me and my family shelter during bad whether."

A good reminder to focus on the simple things. Family. Stuffed animals. Shelter. (Also, I nearly cried over the line about Violet cheering Laurel up.)

I am grateful for all of these simple things.

And palm trees. And mountains. And cheerful balloons. And the ability to go to California to convene with amazing people.