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A Week of Perfect Lunches

The most common misunderstanding I hear repeated about Twitter is that all people ever do is tweet about what they ate for lunch. Not wishing to contribute to this misnomer, instead, I will dedicate a blog post to lunch. Why? Because in an ideal world, I like to be mindful while I'm eating my lunch -- savoring each bite, reveling in my company. However, the reality is that usually I'm eating lunch hastily on the go or in my office. I've been a little frantic lately.

This week, however, was unusual in that I enjoyed lunch with other human beings almost every day. Sometimes a lot of them. And I've savored lots of bites. It's been a week of perfect lunches.

On Monday I had lunch with my friends C.C. and Audrey. It was social yet of course we chatted business too. I love C.C. and Audrey for being incredibly warm, smart, and talented people who clearly love their spouses and kids. I think all of these elements factor into why they make stuff happen and why they're both so successful. Also, I enjoyed a seafood Cobb salad as big as my head.

Image credit: C.C. Chapman

Part of the crazy right now is that I have more work but less childcare than ever, as we cobble together a new arrangement. On Tuesday, Jon and I split the workday -- he arrived home armed with amazing falafel roll up sandwiches for lunch. What a joy it was to sit and chat in the warm sunlight together. It was almost like a date, with the exception of Violet babbling in her high chair between us.

On Wednesday I was off with Violet and ended up having an impromptu lunch with my girlfriend Nicola. Bento boxes and Starbucks and babies (mine 8 months, hers 10 days old) were involved. It was awesome.

On Thursday I enjoyed lunch with 6,999 other women at the Mass. Conference for Women. It was my first year attending the conference and I was amazed by the energy and connection happening there. I got to see my peeps Jo and Cindy from Isis, hang with my business partner Morra (who was the reason I was at the conference in the first place...we provided social media consults for fun!), and meet other cool people. And apparently the lunch (chick pea and vegetable salad with chicken) was catered by Canyon Ranch, which made me think of the fantastic visit my girlfriend Heidi and I made there many years ago.

And today -- Friday -- I just finished my first quiet lunch at home this week. I'm tired (Violet is sick and isn't sleeping well), trying to stave off a cold, yet in good spirits. I'm wearing comfy clothes and just savored every bite of a bowl of soup.

Thank you, universe, for wonderful friends and family and food. I am grateful every day.