Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Cake & Penguins

Laurel is always making something. Today, I feel compelled to share two of those things.

Laurel recently wrote a letter to Buddy (aka Cake Boss) after watching Next Great Baker a couple of weeks ago (my bad, I still need to get this letter in the mail). I asked her if I could post the letter and she said no, only the photo, but she did say I could share the gist of the letter. Which was to express her concern about potential discrimination against and elimination of contestant Heather, due to her pregnancy. I love that Laurel feels compelled to write letters, whether in support of ducks or pregnant people. And this picture will accompany the letter -- Laurel is very into sketching cakes as you can tell. I think this is totally awesome.

This week I found myself rambling to Laurel about how much I love penguins. She immediately dove into her craft cabinet and started working on this incredible pop-up penguin family portrait. I love that we're all holding ice cream cones. The note says: "Dear Mom, I know you love penguins so here is a card. I love you very much. Signed, Laurel."

Oh. my. heart.