Because It's Still Cool To Blog

In the Window

On Friday Laurel and I went wedding dress shopping at Camilla’s with my sister Sharon. Laurel adores sketching fashion and dressing fancy so she was in heaven. And I felt so happy, not only because this is Sharon, my only baby sister who so utterly deserves to have found the perfect person with whom to share her life, but also because I always sigh with happiness when I pass by Camilla’s -- their window displays are just so stinkin’ pretty. Sharon was such a good sport. I mean, it was probably kind of easy in the sense that she looked absurdly awesome in every single thing she put on, but that also meant we worked her over -- she tried on an impressive army of gowns (the staff was so kind and accommodating of our gaggle of choices! thank you!), including something short and awesomely covered in plumage.

She also humored me and tried on this incredible dress -- it took my breath away when I saw it in the window and Sharon looked stunning in it (truly, this photo of it on a hanger doesn't do it justice). I totally wanted Sharon to pick it for her wedding (until about 10 minutes later, when she picked the perfect dress for her), and had this outing not been all about Sharon, I would have slid into a corner and tried this dress on myself.

I’m pretty sure I need to find an excuse to wear it to something (it's not white so...). I think it would count towards knocking #25 of my life list, no? Meanwhile, I will cherish the memory of Sharon in it, and admire it while it's in the window.