Explore 2019: Appreciating the Seemingly Mundane

Have you (and your family) gotten sick this season? How do you typically respond? This week has been exhausting. I got hit with the plague mid-week and typically my response is to just power through and keep working, but then Violet got sick and missed two days of school. Really, few things force you to be in the moment like a fever-y, barfing child. I tried my best to keep juggling work demands but I knew I had reached my limit when I completely spaced out and flaked on a really important call (re: speaking engagement with a massive brand). O.M.G.

Anyway, today marked my first day going outside after 3 days quarantined inside. I also plan on showering. #goals And what I felt really strongly this morning, as I woke up feeling not 100% but WAY better, was that today is a day to explore (my 2019 word!) appreciation for the seemingly mundane.\

Seriously, never have I woke up excited to be well enough to go to the grocery store. I decided to head out without a jacket so I could immerse myself in the cold air. I cleaned my glasses off several times so I could see better (some of it was dust, some of it was residual plague fog). I stopped and lingered just a few moments longer at things -- like these beautiful, colorful flowers -- at the store, appreciative that I was finally off the couch.

There's so much mundane in life that it's understandable that we all just power through and past it, but I encourage you to take a moment to pause and look around today.