Explore 2019: New Cake Flavor

Kid brains are my favorite! I'm making a cake for my niece's birthday and when I asked my sister what she wanted for flavors, the response was: banana chocolate cake with rainbows on the outside.

I was like, 1) um, OK is banana chocolate cake even a thing? 2) chocolate chunks or smooth texture? 3) I love how kids think freely! Even if banana chocolate cake isn't a thing, it should be!

I did some quick digging and lucky for me, I found a new recipe to explore (my 2019 word!). I definitely have a stable of favorite cake flavors so it's fun to try something different. This recipe is from The Spruce Eats and I couldn't find unsweetened chocolate bars at Whole Foods and was too lazy to make a second stop so I decided to sub in the same weight of cocoa powder. I was a little nervous right after I tossed in the cocoa powder because I was like DOH, melted chocolate bar is liquid and cocoa powder is dry...so I was worried I messed up the texture, but I tried a teeny tiny bit of batter to make sure it was OK, and it tasted great! The cakes are looking awesome out of the oven!

Stay tuned for more pictures. I'll be building part of the cake today and putting finishing touches on tomorrow!