Explore 2019: Piped Meringue

I'm a pretty experienced home baker but there are still things that scare me! For example, I have never made caramel (though I asked for and received a digital thermometer for Christmas so it's on my list to try!) and I have also been intimidated by piped meringue. Basically, I have avoided the super precise/fragile/fussy elements of baking to date. Notably, Laurel has not been scared of these things at all!

Well, I finally decided to explore (my 2019 word!) piped meringue. With Laurel's encouragement, I not only decided to try piped meringue but I made them rainbow! These beauties will go on my niece's birthday cake today!

If you've also been scared of meringue...ultimately, the most important thing IMO is having a standing mixer to make sure you get your meringue to stiff shiny peaks. And you need to plan in advance because meringues need to be in the oven for, like, 3 hours! I made these yesterday and assembled today (the lollipops are sandwiched with white chocolate!). Also, make more than you need. I broke a bunch trying to get them off the Silpat mat!