Explore 2019: Bone Broth

Have you tried bone broth? I haven't really thought about it at all, but this morning Jon and I went for a walk and as we approached Tamper I was thinking I would get a cortado (they are DELICIOUS) but then saw the signboard out front that said MUG OF BONE BROTH. It immediately made me think of my Dad and all of the meaty stews and broths my Mom would make him.

I really wasn't sure I was up for it, but decided to explore (my 2019 word). And it was good! But really, what enhanced my appreciation for it was when the owner Jason (he's working hard in the background of this photo) brought it over we chatted a bit about it and he talked about making it from scratch and I just felt a lot of appreciation for people who care so much about food. Thank you, Jason.