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Explore 2019: Eye Care

Do you have a favorite remedy for swollen/tired/stressed eyes? I'm not sure what's up, but over the last couple of weeks my eyes have been SO unhappy. They've alternately felt swollen, tired, and creaky...and the other day there was literally dead skin on my eyelid (sorry...ugh...yuck! #reallife).

My eye inflammation issue was the reason I started my food detox last Tuesday. I blamed it on sugar! I've also been getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours) and going device-free in the evening to give my eyes a break. I know I need to be patient but still, 10 days later, the problem persists.

I just used a Lapcos aloe/cucumber home mask (you can see the shine still!) but would love to hear if you have other solutions! Right about now, what I really think might help is a ski weekend -- hours upon hours of fresh air blasting in my face!