Explore 2019: Oat Milk

Back in the fall when I was hanging with my BFF Asha in Portland, she told me that oat milk was magic (I also saw Katherine Venzke rave about it recently). And in periodic yet classic Christine Koh fashion, it took me 4 months to pull the trigger and try it.

Not sure why I'm so periodically curmudgeonly about things! In this case I suppose part of it is because I don't normally drink milk (#Asianlactosesituation) and then I stopped putting milk or creamer in my coffee. But when I have needed some kind of milk product, I've used Violet's rice milk stash (she also apparently has a half-Asian lactose situation).

So what was the turning point? I compared the amount of fiber per serving in rice milk (0%) and oat milk (7%). When it comes to fiber sources, I'm all in, y'all. Also, the Oatly milk is tasty!