Explore 2019: Releasing Emotional Labor

I'm headed to Mom 2.0 this week and I thought it would be good to share a photo of the calm before the storm -- or rather, the reality before the glam. Entrepreneur life is no joke and sometimes it's a dumpster fire. I feel this especially when I'm about to travel.

Monday will be all about: setting alarms for time sensitive work deadlines through the week (because it's hard to keep track of things when I'm not in my office), prepping work + files that I need to take care of while I'm on the road, fleshing out my itinerary and my different work demands, checking in with my assistants to make sure projects will keep rolling while I'm out, getting my minimalist packing game on, prepping food, sending reminders related to kid stuff, making sure my kids have what they need for different things this week, restoring order to my office, catching up on emails, and trying to do all of this by 5pm so I can be fully present with my family this evening.

There are lots of details but they feel doable. Really, my biggest challenge will be releasing emotional labor. Do you struggle with this? I feel like I'm constantly working on letting go of trying to manage all the home details while I'm away. It's a good thing. It shows trust in the people who are holding down the home front. It will allow me to be fully present and receptive and generous in a very busy environment. But it's still a struggle. Time to buckle up and make it happen.