Explore 2019: Apologies

There's something humbling I need to tell you related to this cake. I am all about modeling imperfection with my kids and teaching them that things don't need to be perfect, but last night when I was getting ready to make this cake, I totally failed on these fronts. I hadn't decided on what color to make this cake and when we landed on yellow and the kids started mixing the colors, I started getting stressed out since it wasn't saturating quickly (I was worried about using too much gel and breaking up the icing structure) and I basically started getting frustrated and being a complete ass to my kids. I mean when I even read what I'm typing I'm like OMG why were you being as ass about icing?!?! UGH.

So the first thing I did this morning when they came downstairs was put my hands on their shoulders, look them in the eyes, and apologize for being an ass. For the record, apologies feel really, really good to make and are an incredibly powerful salve in relationship.