Explore 2019: Online Tennis Tutorials

Today's photo prompt is HAPPINESS IS and for me it's playing tennis with Jon! It was chilly and windy this morning but we got out there as soon as Vi's bus pulled off!

Here's the thing. I know lessons are a good thing. And I was shocked that the one clinic I took with Morra over the winter totally made an impact. The coach kept reminding me to follow through on my strokes and low and behold it stuck and I am hitting the ball harder. But I'm also having trouble justifying the cost of regular lessons right now. I know, I know...I deserve to invest in myself. But I'm not quite there yet!

So meanwhile, I'm going to explore some online tutorials. I just watched a few quick US Tennis Association clips and am going to go down a YouTube rabbit hole later! If you play tennis and know of good online resources, I'd love to hear about them.

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