Explore 2019: Eyebrow Love + Magnetic Lashes That Work

First, thank you for your love and support on my post yesterday. Tough but important stuff and I'm so grateful for this digital village.

Second, I know this is a massive 180 but hey, I'm a multidimensional human being! Do you notice anything different about these two photos? They are in fact two photos taken maybe 1 minute apart but OMG don't I look more awake and, say, finished, in the righthand photo?

When I was at Mom 2.0 I went to a beauty/photography session by Kendra Stanton + Meg O. and it was awesome. They did a quick makeover on an attendee and I was shocked by Meg's statement that eyebrow definition is a must-do step. I was like, WHAT? But I saw the difference on the makeover girl and went out and bought an eyebrow pencil + brush. I literally followed the instructions on the back and in 5 seconds, boom, look at the difference!

The other thing that happened during the session was that OMG I won a set of MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes!! My lashes are short and sparse and over the years I have tried EVERYTHING...spent tons of money on lash serum and different brands for adhesives and the two-layer magnetic lashes. I couldn't figure any of them out!

Well I just tried these and O.M.G. You apply magnetic eyeliner and then the lashes adhere to the eyeliner. It took maybe 10 seconds. I couldn't believe it. In this photo you can't see the lash fringe super well since I'm just wearing the Classy set (the Flashy and Sassy were really long -- I will try trimming one of them down so it's somewhere between Classy and Flashy) but WOW, you can see how much more awake my eyes look overall with the lashes/liner! This link will get you $10 off.

Thanks Meg and Kendra for teaching me some new tricks! Next I need to figure out eyeshadow!