Explore 2019: Pride

I have a late flight out of NJ tonight and while I do have work backlog to deal with, I took the opportunity to sit down and celebrate with a proper meal. (And yeah, I was the person who said to the host as he tried to seat me between a bunch of people, "OMG can I please sit somewhere not around other people?" #periodicintrovert ) Today marks my last work trip of the spring.

Thirteen years ago I left academia to forge an unknown career on the Internet and every now and then Jon says to me, "Christine, I'm not sure you fully realize how extraordinary it is that you have created a lucrative, multidimensional career from absolutely nothing. That is really effing hard to do." Most of the time I'm like, "Yeah yeah, no biggie!" but today I am feeling it. I work my ass off and I am proud of my work and feel like it's OK to be proud! That's kind of unnecessarily taboo for women, wouldn't you agree? Whereas mediocre bros are ALL OVER THE PRIDE.

But working my ass off does not magically happen in a silo. I'm so grateful for Jon, my sweet girls, and our local friends who made my busy spring travel schedule possible. I'm so lucky to have a village.