Explore 2019: Summer Planning

Where are you at with summer planning? One of the tricky things about being self-employed is that technically I'm "flexible" (quotes warranted)...which means I struggle with committing to camps or whatever because we end up making our plans late. Part of me likes operating more last minute because I have learned from Jon that it's really powerful to make decisions closer in so you actually know how you are feeling in that moment.

But last summer was really awful for me. You might remember that I suffered from what Jon and I called a "stress seizure" and it was really, really scary. I was carrying too many things and operating day to day assuming I could just juggle all the things. I did not build in enough help in advance and I crashed and burned hard.

School is out in a few weeks and I have started mapping out -- on paper! -- a framework so I can see the big picture. I am working on alternating time off and camp time for Violet so that I can actually be present whether in work or play mode.

This photo is a throwback to 4 weeks ago when I was with dear friends, about to roadtrip to Mom 2.0 summit. I am posting it as a reminder to myself that this is the level of happy and relaxed I want to shoot for this summer.