Explore 2019: Friendship gratitude

The necklace is stunning, yes, (and it's traveled from India to Portland to Boston!), but the note in the gorgeous card that came with it...😭😭😭 I wish dearly for everyone to experience the gift of being as seen and heard and stuck by in friendship as I do by Asha.

Quite frankly, I'm not always the easiest person to deal with. One of my classic defense mechanisms is to throw up walls and focus on tactics if I feel like emotional shit is getting too hard or if I'm overwhelmed with work and life. I have had friends give up on me and tell me I'm not enough because of it. But Asha? She patiently but firmly persists and layers on the love until you get to a point where you can see clearly again. I love you, Asha. Thank you for sticking with me.