Explore 2019: The Wing

Oh man, you guys. Today is a big day. I left academia for freelance life 13 years ago and have worked out of home. I'm actually really great at working at home because I don't mind the solitude, have laser focus, and totally can ignore the mess in the house. BUT, my stress level this spring inspired me to do something radically different to force me to get out of the house and have decompression time via a commute. (I never thought I would ever want a commute again!)

I signed up for the women's co-working space @the.wing and honestly, I was a little uncertain because the timing (opening right when school let out) made ZERO sense but I have talked to my family about how I need to make this a priority...even if I'm just here once a week during the summer.

Today is my first day here and OMG it is just as wonderful as you might expect and the very first thing I did was step out on to this gorgeous little patio and record an IG TV!

I'm considering this a one-year experiment, after which point I will re-evaluate and see if the investment feels worth it, but at first blush, I AM THRILLED.