Explore 2019: Mother daughter book club

I have a huge stack of library books I'm working on right now but as soon as the ARC for Katherine Center's new novel showed up I dove right in (Katherine, I now blame you for my scramble to finish a book that is due back to the library tomorrow)! I have known Katherine for quite some time (she is DELIGHTFUL) and have read all of her novels (they are all WONDERFUL) and it was simply amazing to see her "break out" and earn the well deserved NYT bestselling author accolade for her last book, How To Walk Away. I seriously love seeing great things happen to great people!

I have been eager for her next book and oh man, Things You Save In A Fire does not disappoint! Katherine is masterful at writing books you don't want to put down and I devoured it in a couple of days! Also awesome? I was going on about Katherine + this book's kickass female protagonist to Laurel and Violet and last night as I squealed and sighed as I finished the book and was about to set it on the coffee table, Laurel reached out for the book and said, "Can I read it next?" So we have decided to do our first (informal) mother daughter book club around this book! Meaning, after Laurel finishes it, we will go on a date and chat about it. SO AWESOME.

Also, I took a photo of Katherine's book at The Wing, which has an awesome (and gorgeously styled) lending library of books by kickass ladies. I would like to put on the record that Katherine -- kickass lady writer of kickass lady protagonists -- totally deserves a spot at the kickass lady lending libraries of The Wing! Katherine, meet The Wing. The Wing, meet Katherine!