Explore 2019 #227: Sonali Dev

A couple of posts back I shared what I read in September, and my first October read is "Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors" by Sonali Dev (an author that is new to me). One of my favorite things about days when I commute to The Wing is reading (not scrolling) when I'm on the train. It seems totally fitting to read a badass lady writer on my way to my badass lady co-working space!


Explore 2019 #225: September reads

It was so fun sharing my summer reads and chatting with people about books so I think I'm going to try to do a monthly reading share! I have two things to say about what I read in September.

First, please support women of color writers! Reality = women of color deserve and need intentional literary support, and the talent is OFF THE HOOK. If you're wondering how to find them: 1) use Google; 2) here’s a blog post from 2018 on 35 novels by women of color; 3) I literally just scan new release books at the bookstore or library for names that might indicate an author of color, then look at the bio to confirm. It's not hard!

Second, open your mind to modern romance! I will admit, the idea of reading a romance novel of the traditional (cheesy) persuasion has always seemed unfathomable but then I saw a lot of chatter about Helen Hoang's work and ordered her books. When I saw they were labeled "contemporary romance" I was like OMG WHAT? (I just thought they were regular novels), but I am now totally open to this genre thanks to Hoang. Her plot lines are legit and beautifully written, and hey, why not enjoy a little steaminess along the way!

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Helen Hoang, Joanne Ramos, and Regina Porter.


Explore 2019 #210: Expanding my author awareness

Well, among other things it turned out to be the summer of reading for me! I'm a little shocked that I read 16 books this summer, and I will give all the credit to the writers whose wonderful brilliance clearly captivated me!

I'm including my part 1 book IG so you don't need to scroll back for it, but as I look at these two graphics a couple of things stand out. First, I love that with one exception (the amazing Katherine Center) I was new to the other 15 authors (I mean, I personally know Julianna Miner and Grown and Flown but this was my first time reading them in book form). Second, 5 of my 16 reads were female Asian authors and they KICKED ASS. Way to represent!

What did you read this summer that captivated you? I would love to hear your picks!


Explore 2019: Indie bookstores

I love reading and pretty much any time my family and I travel we land at a bookstore! After my speaking engagement at PayPal this week, Laurel and I had time before our flight and zipped down to check out Willow Glen, the Municipal Rose Garden, and The Alameda and were SO EXCITED to find and explore Recycle Book Store! One might think used bookstores bristle against my organizational OCD but I love them! This one was overflowing with awesomeness and I loved seeing Laurel's awe in this space too. She found a Harry Potter behind the scenes book for Violet. The staff was super friendly too!

Also, it feels somewhat douchebaggy but I couldn't help but peek at the parenting section. It was so fun to see Asha and my book there!


Explore 2019: Speed reads

Libraries are my favorite! Popped into a different library with Violet this morning and I dig the new releases speed read shelf approach! Two-week check out period without renewal; I grabbed a couple! Between the two of us, Violet and I checked out so many books that the librarian was like, "I think you guys need to sign up for the summer reading challenge!"


Explore 2019: Read more, scroll less

At the end of the school year, as Laurel and Violet were issued summer reading lists and challenges, I thought to myself, you know, I'd like to create a little summer reading challenge of my own: READ MORE, SCROLL LESS. Ever since Violet's reading took off a couple of years ago, the reality that we could do quiet reading time (we call it QRT) together has been pure magic. Actually one of her favorite things during QRT is to lie with her feet in my lap and for me to give her a leg rub/scratch with my free, non-book-holding hand. Seriously, kid is living her best life.

I realized today that we're about halfway through summer so I wanted to share what I have read over the last 5 weeks since school ended! I should say I have also tried starting a few other books but they didn't captivate me. So this collection includes the books that I read start to finish and recommend you read! Enjoy more reading and less scrolling! Also, would love to hear what books you are loving this summer!


Explore 2019: Mother daughter book club

I have a huge stack of library books I'm working on right now but as soon as the ARC for Katherine Center's new novel showed up I dove right in (Katherine, I now blame you for my scramble to finish a book that is due back to the library tomorrow)! I have known Katherine for quite some time (she is DELIGHTFUL) and have read all of her novels (they are all WONDERFUL) and it was simply amazing to see her "break out" and earn the well deserved NYT bestselling author accolade for her last book, How To Walk Away. I seriously love seeing great things happen to great people!

I have been eager for her next book and oh man, Things You Save In A Fire does not disappoint! Katherine is masterful at writing books you don't want to put down and I devoured it in a couple of days! Also awesome? I was going on about Katherine + this book's kickass female protagonist to Laurel and Violet and last night as I squealed and sighed as I finished the book and was about to set it on the coffee table, Laurel reached out for the book and said, "Can I read it next?" So we have decided to do our first (informal) mother daughter book club around this book! Meaning, after Laurel finishes it, we will go on a date and chat about it. SO AWESOME.

Also, I took a photo of Katherine's book at The Wing, which has an awesome (and gorgeously styled) lending library of books by kickass ladies. I would like to put on the record that Katherine -- kickass lady writer of kickass lady protagonists -- totally deserves a spot at the kickass lady lending libraries of The Wing! Katherine, meet The Wing. The Wing, meet Katherine!


Explore 2019: New (to me) Women Authors of Color

What are you reading right now? I just got back from the library and ended up with a solid library haul because I decided to prowl the new release shelf to find new (to me) women authors of color + I had a few books on the hold shelf! I feel such delight when I have a stack of books to choose from! Thank you writers for doing your thing!