Explore 2019: Read more, scroll less

At the end of the school year, as Laurel and Violet were issued summer reading lists and challenges, I thought to myself, you know, I'd like to create a little summer reading challenge of my own: READ MORE, SCROLL LESS. Ever since Violet's reading took off a couple of years ago, the reality that we could do quiet reading time (we call it QRT) together has been pure magic. Actually one of her favorite things during QRT is to lie with her feet in my lap and for me to give her a leg rub/scratch with my free, non-book-holding hand. Seriously, kid is living her best life.

I realized today that we're about halfway through summer so I wanted to share what I have read over the last 5 weeks since school ended! I should say I have also tried starting a few other books but they didn't captivate me. So this collection includes the books that I read start to finish and recommend you read! Enjoy more reading and less scrolling! Also, would love to hear what books you are loving this summer!