Explore 2019 #210: Expanding my author awareness

Well, among other things it turned out to be the summer of reading for me! I'm a little shocked that I read 16 books this summer, and I will give all the credit to the writers whose wonderful brilliance clearly captivated me!

I'm including my part 1 book IG so you don't need to scroll back for it, but as I look at these two graphics a couple of things stand out. First, I love that with one exception (the amazing Katherine Center) I was new to the other 15 authors (I mean, I personally know Julianna Miner and Grown and Flown but this was my first time reading them in book form). Second, 5 of my 16 reads were female Asian authors and they KICKED ASS. Way to represent!

What did you read this summer that captivated you? I would love to hear your picks!