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Valentines for the Penmanship Challenged

Oh I am woefully behind on posh updates. I plan on catching up soon, but meanwhile, I thought I'd post up what I put together for Laurel's class valentines. This is what results when you have a daughter who covets and a mom with bad penmanship (and who is facile at Illustrator).

The back story is that we bought Disney princess valentines from CVS a couple of weeks ago and I was totally cool with that. I obviously love craft and design but I don't feel compelled to pull out the design stops every holiday. But as the day of the school party (today) drew closer, it was clear that Laurel was not going to part with those Disney princess cards (and lollipops), save the ones she distributed to me, her dad, her Auntie Sha-Sha, and my mom. I spent an absurd (and annoying) amount of time trying to negotiate.

So two days ago I gave up on trying to wrestle princess valentines from her and came up with these cute, simple heart cards. The part that I really love is that by highlighting each kid's name (in matching blue to "happy valentine's day" and "xoxo laurel") the card is personalized and I don't need to subject anyone to my illegible penmanship. And since I'm feeling somewhat nostalgic about this being Laurel's last year before leaving her school and going to kindergarten, I like that all the kid and teacher names get to sit all together in the heart.