New Year, New Look...Plus a Sweet Deal

Oh this poor blog -- it's been so neglected! Not for lack of love but because of general craziness (though good craziness!) combined with a desire to give Posh Peacock a major overhaul (meaning, I wanted to overhaul the site pages before linking up new projects here). And the overhaul is finally done! I was determined to finish the redesign of Posh Peacock before heading to Altitude Summit (which I am so, so honored to be speaking at this week!) and I have made my goal a few days under the wire. Here are some of the changes you'll see at Posh Peacock:

  • Brand new peacock! Big thanks to my sister Jenn and my friend Liesbeth for input at various stages of design.
  • New rollover navigation and generally more modern and awesome layout.
  • New layout for my motif collection (see, for example, the stationery section). So cute, no?
  • New thumbnail layout for my custom design portfolio. I'm especially thrilled about this; much more user friendly than text links.
  • A sale section. With lots of awesome stuff in it! Go shop!

And, I've updated my collection/portfolio to include the following new art, projects, and samples: