Magnets, Finally Online!

When I was getting ready to do my first art show, at the last minute I created a small batch of pretty magnets and people went crazy for them. I sold out, and at the shows I have done since, these magnets are always a huge hit. I think it's something about their tactile, colorful nature; people cannot resist coming up and touching them.

I finally have gotten around to including these magnets in my online shop. They are super strong magnetically and super fabulous visually! Click here to see the styles offered; these magnets also can be incorporated into paper and party favors, as I did when I did the baby shower project for Scott & Tracie Hamilton.

"August Rush" Premiere Notecards

Now that the holiday rush is officially over, I have a moment to report on a different rush -- a fun custom celeb project I did in November, for the Nashville premiere of "August Rush." A friend/colleague contacted me about putting together product for the event goodie bags, and it was one of those good mojo design projects where I was struck by an immediate vision of what I wanted the cards to be, and they came off perfectly.

Here's what I wanted: 1) New York imagery other than the overused skyline motif; 2) a recognizable - but not trite - musical element; and 3) a little bit of paper glam, given that it was a celebrity event. The Statue of Liberty clutching guitar notecards with silver glitter wrap fit the bill perfectly. And I'm grateful the good mojo was running because I only had about 36 hours start to finish to design and produce the project!

For additional details about the premiere, click here.

A Fabulously Fun Custom Project

My loved ones know that I'm a not-so-closet-closet-figure-skating-fan, so when I was presented with the opportunity to put together notecards for Tracie Hamilton, the wife of Olympic figure skating champion Scott Hamilton, I was thrilled. I collaborated on the project with Tracy of Crib Rock Couture, who's a really fabulous person and entrepreneur.

You can read more about the project details here, which included design and production of custom notecards (blue booties with ice skates) and coordinated magnet/notecard samplers. It was a super fun and fabulous process and collective result!