Baby Ania's Quilt

One of my favorite things in the world is taking the time to create gifts. And I love baby projects; they're so meaningful and adorable, yet less intimidating than taking on something grownup sized (e.g., quilts, sweaters, etc.).

I made this two-sided quilt for baby Ania, beautiful little girl to our dear friends Katherine and Corey. When I brought the fabrics home, my husband thought they were a tad crazy, but they just spoke to me (and of Katherine and Corey) when I saw them in the store. I wanted something modern that could work for either gender (they didn't know what they were having), even if there was a touch of pink present. I hand quilted the layers together (following the fruit patterns in the fabric) and did a classic hand stitched binding in a very awesome chartreuse solid.

Quilts such as these are a labor of love, and I feel so, so happy with every teeny tiny stitch.