You Had Me At Hello

Update 6/20/11: I'm super grateful to everyone who has spread the word about this effort and just wanted to clarify two things. First, to keep the math and tracking simple on my end (I won't use my newborn as an excuse and will just say that math has never been my strong suit!), I am tracking such that 50% of card sales will be donated in Sarah's honor. However, this actually translates to approximately 100% of the profits (i.e., the other 50% covers materials, printing, transaction fees, labor, etc.). The goal is not to make money from these cards -- simply to spread awareness and raise money in honor of a friend. Second, donations from this effort will be directed to Sarah's charity of choice, Ovations for the Cure, to which I'll write checks on a quarterly basis. Thanks again for your support! xoxo

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Goodness. Once again, I'm starting a post with a comment about how long it's been since I last posted. Well, to my credit, since the announcement of my major site overhaul in January I was busy cooking and delivering a baby. We welcomed baby Violet in March and she has been an utterly joyous addition to our family.

Meanwhile, a lot has transpired around us and in May my friend (and a contributing writer to Boston Mamas) Sarah Feather (aka The Carcinista) died after a courageous battle with cancer.

After Sarah died, I thought about things I could do to honor her spirit. Sarah was smart, funny, loving, and incredibly stylish (you can see photos honoring her sartorial prowess here). She also was wonderfully "old school" in her thank you etiquette -- utilizing the US postal system -- so I decided to design a greeting card in her honor.

These Hello, Gorgeous cards are the result. The colors (aqua and pink) were her favorite, the clovers are representative of an icon she loved (and I felt them fitting, as all of us who knew her were lucky to have her in our lives), and the salutation is classic Sarah (and I credit our mutual friend Paige for changing the original "Hello" to "Hello, Gorgeous" when I floated a mock up by her during the design phase). I love how these cards came out and the fuschia envelopes look fantastic with the cards. Also, they're eco-friendly...printed on 100% recycled content using soy and vegetable-based inks. And I'm donating 50% of the proceeds from this card to benefit ovarian cancer research. A trifecta of awesomeness, no?

After I finished designing Sarah's cards, I wanted to create a more neutral companion card. I've been obsessed with yellow and gray (and come to think of it, those are the colors I wore to Sarah's memorial). Here is the result:

I hope you love these cards and consider purchasing some. Thank you, Sarah, for continuing to inspire us all.

New Year, New Look...Plus a Sweet Deal

Oh this poor blog -- it's been so neglected! Not for lack of love but because of general craziness (though good craziness!) combined with a desire to give Posh Peacock a major overhaul (meaning, I wanted to overhaul the site pages before linking up new projects here). And the overhaul is finally done! I was determined to finish the redesign of Posh Peacock before heading to Altitude Summit (which I am so, so honored to be speaking at this week!) and I have made my goal a few days under the wire. Here are some of the changes you'll see at Posh Peacock:

  • Brand new peacock! Big thanks to my sister Jenn and my friend Liesbeth for input at various stages of design.
  • New rollover navigation and generally more modern and awesome layout.
  • New layout for my motif collection (see, for example, the stationery section). So cute, no?
  • New thumbnail layout for my custom design portfolio. I'm especially thrilled about this; much more user friendly than text links.
  • A sale section. With lots of awesome stuff in it! Go shop!

And, I've updated my collection/portfolio to include the following new art, projects, and samples: