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Cool New Designs

I actually really love when people email me and say, "Hey, are you planning on designing __________ anytime soon?" It lights the fire and motivates me to come up with cool new designs.

These four images are a result of those very interactions. The gumdrops were designed for a holiday card (I plan on laying these out in a massively multicolored way for next holiday season!). The grasshopper for a business card. The scallop monograms for a customer who wanted a simple, pretty monogram. And the tea & treats for a baby shower invitation; the shower involved high tea at a fancy Boston hotel.

In all cases, I was excited about having these designs in my regular collection and offered to waive the custom art fee if the clients didn't mind having the images "go public." I of course also do complete custom, where the design is exclusive. Either way, if you have a motif you love and don't see it in my collection, email me.