Cool & Groovy Craft Fair

Not too long after my biz went live I started to learn about the world of retail shows, and my limited experiences have proved good learning grounds. My first show was Shecky's Girls Night Out in the South End in August, and I'm afraid the hype was greater than the return, as far as I could perceive from sales and follow up. I had some fab girlfriends with me that night and they all seemed to be in agreement that my posh paper didn't seem to fit the overall gunning-for-free-drinks mentality of the event (although I should say that I did meet many lovely people there who were very interested in my product).

I had a much better return and general experience at Watertown Faire on the Square (an impressively large town celebration) this fall. Not only did the sales match Shecky's (but at a trivial table fee), but the vibe somehow was a better fit, maybe because there were lots of families and it was fun to have my husband and daughter cruise around with another set of our friends, and stop in and check on me. Anyhow, suffice to say that at present, I have decided to focus any show efforts on events of this scope.

Next weekend (Saturday, Dec. 8, 11am - 3pm) I'll be showing at the Cool & Groovy Craft Fair at the Peabody School, 70 Rindge Avenue in Cambridge. It should be a low key, family friendly event and feel free to stop by! I'll have single and multicard packs of my designs (including the awesome new holiday foldover cards!), Japanese paper glass magnets, and gift tags. I may have a few fabric gift items for sale too, if I can get my act together by that point.