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Honored to be Included

Cool Mom Picks Holiday Guide

This month, I was honored to learn that my work was included in the Cool Mom Picks and Pinks & Blues 2007 Holiday Gift Guides.

I should note that I was totally oblivious to the concept of "advertorials" (paid features that tend to be constructed to look like objective reviews) before I launched my own design business and Boston Mamas, and truly, the concept depresses me (I don't even want to think about how many things I have purchased in the past based on what I *thought* were real reviews). Anyhow, as such, I run Boston Mamas completely advertorial-free, and kudos to Cool Mom Picks and Pinks & Blues for running features that are completely objective.

Oh, and for full disclosure, these sites are cool enough that I'd happily give them that shout out even if I weren't included in the feature!

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