Featured on Cookie!

I was honored to receive another major press mention, this time from Cookie Magazine. Not only was it wonderful to be included in the company of a truly lovely array of thank you card designs (congrats to all of the other fantastic designers!), but my slide also was featured on the main gear + shopping landing page (screenshot shown). Super fun!

Posh Peacock is on slide 4 of Elena North-Kelly's thank you card roundup.

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Featured on Brides.com!

As an independent designer with zero PR budget and pretty much zero time to try to cold call with samples, it's immensely gratifying when a major media outlet finds and features my work.

I was honored that Kim Forrest, assistant editor at Brides.com (the web presence of the major print magazine), featured one of my collegiate inspired custom wedding projects.

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And if you're a bride looking for an invitation designer, contact me! I am happy to work with you whether you live in Boston or elsewhere. More wedding and custom design projects can be viewed on my website.

Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

I was honored to be selected by Pregnancy & Newborn Editor-in-Chief Lacey Major for inclusion in the "Cravings: Editor Picks" section in P&N's March 2008 issue. I have been thrilled by all of the kind press mentions I have received since launching this business, but there was something particularly surreal about standing in the magazine aisle at CVS with my husband and daughter, seeing my first national press. Laurel took one look and said, "Mommy, why are your cards in that magazine??"

Click here to read what Lacey had to say, and for more kind press.

Honored to be Included

Cool Mom Picks Holiday Guide

This month, I was honored to learn that my work was included in the Cool Mom Picks and Pinks & Blues 2007 Holiday Gift Guides.

I should note that I was totally oblivious to the concept of "advertorials" (paid features that tend to be constructed to look like objective reviews) before I launched my own design business and Boston Mamas, and truly, the concept depresses me (I don't even want to think about how many things I have purchased in the past based on what I *thought* were real reviews). Anyhow, as such, I run Boston Mamas completely advertorial-free, and kudos to Cool Mom Picks and Pinks & Blues for running features that are completely objective.

Oh, and for full disclosure, these sites are cool enough that I'd happily give them that shout out even if I weren't included in the feature!

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