Care to Click For Me?

So, the voting for Minted is now open. Care to click for either or both of my submitted designs? I'd also recommend scrolling through and checking out and voting for other designs -- there's so much talent in this community! Vote for Design 1: Text Me!

Vote for Design 2: WOW MOM

Note: I tweaked this one to a more soothing colorway and also to offer addition of kid names since I originally posted about the design.

Thanks in advance! xoxo

Wow Mom

In addition to my texting-inspired design, I wanted to submit one more idea to the Minted business card design challenge because there's a mommy card category and I'm all about moms connecting with one another. The focus of this Minted challenge is typography so for the mom card I thought it would be cool to use the word "mom" and its (very fitting) inverse "wow" to create a graphic pattern. I used green because it's a lovely and vibrant neutral (not all moms dig pink, you know?). I also liked that this treatment created two photo windows.

My one question, now looking at it again, is whether I ought to include "Mom of ________" text. I have until the end of the month to revise the design (after which point the voting begins...hint hint!). Visually, I definitely prefer the spareness of the text as shown here, but also know that some moms like to have their kids' names on their cards. What do you think?

Text Me!

I recently finally upgraded my old phone to a fantastic Droid and one of the notably awesome upgrades is the interface -- it's so user friendly and colorful and now I actually can find my text messages (which were buried 4 clicks deep on my old BlackBerry...never mind that I never got notification when they came in). Anyway.

I haven't had time to submit to a Minted design competition in a while, but when I saw the business card design competition announcement, I immediately was struck by the idea of creating a texting-inspired card. It would be fun, geeky, gender-neutral, and ironic.

This is what I came up with. The inspiration is a text conversation and I think the inclusion of an avatar is perfect because I'm a big fan of photos on business cards since I'm so visual.

What do you think? Care to cast a vote in my favor?

Edited to add: Oops, sorry folks! The voting will start shortly after the submission window closes August 1. I'll keep you posted!


I often think about designs and projects while I'm trying to fall asleep at night (which isn't always great for actually falling asleep). I thought of this design last night before drifting off and just submitted it to the Minted design challenge; it's simply called Joy. Like my Peace design, this design highlights a favorite word and allows for inclusion of a family photo (I really, really like when people send holiday cards including the whole family, not just the kids) + 3 solo shots for the kiddos. Or kiddos + dogs. Or just dogs. Or cats. Or whatever! You're not allowed to submit the same design in multiple colorways, but if I could (and if it wins, they do ask for another colorway) I would create a version in blue/gold/gray to convey the colorways for Hannukah.

Peace Be With You

It's been a very long time since I've submitted to Minted's design competitions but I decided to get back on board with the holiday competition (the holiday competition was my initial foray into Minted, and my design was selected as a design challenge winner...I was honored!). I hope to submit a few ideas before the submission close date, but this is the one I just sent in. Peace is one of my favorite words around the holidays (and year-round really), and I love the simplicity of this design, plus the incorporation of a family photo + a couple of cute shots of the kids. What do you think? Love it enough to vote me up?

Spring Wedding Challenge

I just submitted these two designs for the Minted Spring Green Wedding Invitation Challenge, where the challenge was to create a spring inspired wedding invitation using only bright shades of green and white. Would love it if you would consider hopping over to score/comment on my designs, as well as any of the other wonderfully talented submissions (direct links are included in the title above each image). I'll post later when Minted opens the voting (assuming either of these designs make their final cut for voting).

1. Fiddleheads

When I learned about this challenge, I immediately was inspired to illustrate fiddleheads, given that they convey spring, an unfurling of good things, and tasty food. All beautifully representative of a spring wedding!

1. Oak Tree

The second idea I had was to illustrate an oak tree, given its status as a wedding symbol of solidity, strength, and eternal love. But I wanted to create a different viewpoint of the tree, compared to a traditional orientation of the tree in entirety being centered on the invite. I really love the way the branches and leaves wrap around the text.

Menu Trio

I just submitted these three designs for the Minted QuickFire Wedding Menu Design Challenge. Would love it if you would consider hopping over to score/comment on my designs, as well as any of the other wonderfully talented submissions (direct links are included in the title above each image). I'll post later when Minted opens the voting (assuming any of these make their final cut for voting).

1. modern & chic

This design is so very simple but I really love it. The inspiration is a metropolitan evening wedding and I think the color and font choices convey urban luxe in a cool way.

2. preppy chic

I really love illustrating flowers but when I have worked with wedding clients in the past, the husbands are always really worried about things being too girly, so I decided to forgo a flowery garden design. The inspiration here was a spring garden wedding and I think I achieved that feel by styling it in a very proper, preppy, and chic way. This design made me think of Charlotte from Sex & the City.

3. birds of paradise

The inspiration for this design was a tropical destination wedding and I was so very happy to use orange, one of my fave colors (not oft used in weddings in my experience so far...). I wrestled with the bird of paradise illustrations for a while but finally achieved what I wanted. Super fun and makes me long for sandy beaches!

Minted, Part Deux

Following the fun of the Minted First Holiday Card Design Challenge I just submitted these designs for their Ultimate Bridal Shower Invitation Design Challenge. The inspiration was a couple whose wedding colors were chocolate and white, with pink and orange mokara orchids in their arrangements.

Perhaps because of my exposure to Dunkin' Donuts in Boston, I couldn't quite bring myself to pair pink and orange orchids in the same design (although I think objectively, this probably would look fine!), so I went with two renditions - one with pink and one with orange orchid accents (the opposite colorways would work in either design). I think the result is fun and fresh without being too fussy.

I believe the voting will be open from July 15 - 25 if you want to head over and vote.

I've Been Minted!

Last month I was invited by Minted to submit a design for their First Holiday Card Design Challenge. Honestly, after seeing the various designs already submitted, I was feeling a bit concerned about how my minimal, modern style would stand up to the elaborate designs already submitted, but I decided to give it a try.

I submitted this design, which I titled Chocolate, Wine, and Lights (drawing inspiration from a couple's winery wedding and their love of celebrating the holidays with a traditional tree lighting and fudge/candy baking ritual). I was thrilled to learn first that my design was among the 63% of submissions selected to move to the voting stage, and then of the final 112, that it was voted in the top 15 (#14 to be exact) by the community (which didn't include any of my friends or family since I was too sheepish to solicit votes).

Before the voting status was released, Minted contacted me to tell me that my design was a favorite of theirs and that they wanted to sell it on their site, regardless of the voting placement. I was honored by all of this; the talent evident throughout the competition was amazing.

Thank you Minted, and all the other awesome designers who participated.