Wow Mom

In addition to my texting-inspired design, I wanted to submit one more idea to the Minted business card design challenge because there's a mommy card category and I'm all about moms connecting with one another. The focus of this Minted challenge is typography so for the mom card I thought it would be cool to use the word "mom" and its (very fitting) inverse "wow" to create a graphic pattern. I used green because it's a lovely and vibrant neutral (not all moms dig pink, you know?). I also liked that this treatment created two photo windows.

My one question, now looking at it again, is whether I ought to include "Mom of ________" text. I have until the end of the month to revise the design (after which point the voting begins...hint hint!). Visually, I definitely prefer the spareness of the text as shown here, but also know that some moms like to have their kids' names on their cards. What do you think?