Text Me!

I recently finally upgraded my old phone to a fantastic Droid and one of the notably awesome upgrades is the interface -- it's so user friendly and colorful and now I actually can find my text messages (which were buried 4 clicks deep on my old BlackBerry...never mind that I never got notification when they came in). Anyway.

I haven't had time to submit to a Minted design competition in a while, but when I saw the business card design competition announcement, I immediately was struck by the idea of creating a texting-inspired card. It would be fun, geeky, gender-neutral, and ironic.

This is what I came up with. The inspiration is a text conversation and I think the inclusion of an avatar is perfect because I'm a big fan of photos on business cards since I'm so visual.

What do you think? Care to cast a vote in my favor?

Edited to add: Oops, sorry folks! The voting will start shortly after the submission window closes August 1. I'll keep you posted!