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I've Been Minted!

Last month I was invited by Minted to submit a design for their First Holiday Card Design Challenge. Honestly, after seeing the various designs already submitted, I was feeling a bit concerned about how my minimal, modern style would stand up to the elaborate designs already submitted, but I decided to give it a try.

I submitted this design, which I titled Chocolate, Wine, and Lights (drawing inspiration from a couple's winery wedding and their love of celebrating the holidays with a traditional tree lighting and fudge/candy baking ritual). I was thrilled to learn first that my design was among the 63% of submissions selected to move to the voting stage, and then of the final 112, that it was voted in the top 15 (#14 to be exact) by the community (which didn't include any of my friends or family since I was too sheepish to solicit votes).

Before the voting status was released, Minted contacted me to tell me that my design was a favorite of theirs and that they wanted to sell it on their site, regardless of the voting placement. I was honored by all of this; the talent evident throughout the competition was amazing.

Thank you Minted, and all the other awesome designers who participated.