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Declare and Celebrate Gratitude

One thing I love about November is Thanksgiving; it’s my favorite holiday -- not for the food or retail sales -- but for the simple fact that it encourages reflection on gratitude.

But the thing is, I’ve never thought that it was enough to reflect on gratitude once a year. Particularly since the last several years of my life (since changing careers and becoming a parent) have made it clear that I am extremely fortunate to experience gratitude daily. And amidst what seems like a human default towards negativity, which now has a remarkable ability to spread fast via the web, I find myself extremely refreshed to bear witness to or hear of positive experiences, small and large.

So today I’ve decided to start a little project -- and I hope you'll join me. I’m encouraging people to declare and celebrate gratitude for the little and big things in life. I’ll be posting weekly about things for which I’m grateful. If you don’t blog, I encourage you to participate simply by commenting in on a post about little or small things you feel grateful for. And if you are a blogger and have posted about gratitude (in whatever way, shape, or form it comes to you), please include your link on the weekly post (inspired by my friend Amanda, I'll attempt to use one of those link tool thingies). Either way, I’d love to read about what’s giving you positive energy!