Gratitude: Connections, Conversations, Realizations

[Installment 1 of the Declare & Celebrate Gratitude Project]

This past week I was grateful for...

...Laurel teaching me that gorgeous things can happen when you experiment with milk and food coloring via a dish soap soaked Q-tip.

...having the confidence to submit my largest ever (dollar-wise) consulting proposal. It doesn’t matter whether the client bites; it simply felt good to have the confidence to put appropriate value to my work and go for it. mom, who not only picked up Laurel in a downpour from school while I was off shooting Life.Style, but ended up picking up one of Laurel’s friends (whose mom needed to head to Children’s Hospital with one of her other kids).

...the other families in Laurel's classroom who participated in my Halloween candy drive; I now have about 30 pounds of candy + handmade cards from the kids to send to Operation Gratitude tomorrow.

...being selected to speak at Altitude Summit. Given that I’m a self-taught designer, last year I was too intimidated to go. This year I decided that last year’s intimidation meant I had to go this year…it was part of my journey. So I signed up. And pitched a speaking session. And now I’m beyond excited; not only do I get to travel with my dear friend Paige, but I learned this week that I will be speaking alongside other wonderful friends and talented people I can't wait to meet. Such a gift.

...the lovely Stacey of Boston Central. Her e-mails are always so full of humor and energy. Stacey provides such a wonderful service for families in Boston and I’m thrilled that we’re teaming up as site partners.

...this past week’s episode of Life.Style. It was amazing and I feel so grateful to know the talented likes of Tracey Clark, Karen Walrond, and Casey Mullins. Connecting with people who inspire me to be more creative in life truly is a gift.

...a conversation with Jon (during which I was venting about someone) that made me realize that with some people I simply need to listen, not solve their problems.

...another conversation with Jon (therapist + delicious husband two-for-one -- what a bargain!) that made me realize that in this new life I am never scared or nervous about having meetings with people, presenting design ideas, etc. I feel creative and energized and now confident that there will always be another project around the corner if someone is not into whatever it is I’m proposing. It’s so different from how much fear and dread I felt during my postdoctoral fellowship.

...having enough food in our home. This struck me when we were laying out tasty odds and ends for one of our “nibble platter” dinners this week.

What were you grateful for this week? I'd love to hear via comments below or via the link sharing tool below.