Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Roll Properly Under Wraps, 28 Weeks

Well, after last week's overexposure, I decided to stop mucking around and get myself into some maternity tops (not every day, but at least some days).

I love this cowl neck knit maternity top from Old Navy. It's pretty and soft and has a shirred band under the bust to create some definition (of course you can't see it based on my hand positioning) so it feels less tent-like. And man, with maternity jeggings, hot boots, a fabulous new lipstick, and some great earrings (again, that you can't see...sorry), I'm feeling pretty happy. (Oh yeah, and the shirt was inexpensive and also covers the belly properly.)

And whaddaya know... what with Roll properly under wraps, no one asked to haul my groceries for me.