Because It's Still Cool To Blog

Gratitude: Business & Pleasure

This past week I was grateful for... …having finished my financial report for 2010.

…having a husband who is willing to take care of taxes and other financial things.

…Amtrak. And how fun it is to ride the train with Laurel.

…that Laurel isn’t one of those kids who asks a bajillion questions a minute while on said train (I'm the first person to cut kids slack, but OMG we had the most annoying kid ever in the seat in front of us…)

…gift cards…the gift that keeps on giving.


…perfectly ripe pears. shopping.

…happy clients.

…days where I bust through a ton of billable work.

…dinner and a movie out with Jon.

...the fact that I have two hands (we saw 127 Hours). amazing in-laws.

…reconnecting with friends over Skype. It’s so much better than a regular phone call.


…the rare night that I make it through the night without having to get up to pee. It’s been rare for me to sleep through the night the last several weeks and I know that situation isn’t going to improve when the baby comes!

What were you grateful for this week?