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Celebrating Sarah Feather: A Memorial Fit for a Fashionista

A million thoughts and emotions have run through my head since the death of my friend Sarah Feather, but when her memorial service was announced, I was certain of one thing: that along with the expected tears, her memorial would include many laughs, an astounding outpouring of love, remembrances of joy (much like the service of my friend Andy), and, well, a whole lot of fine fashion. In fact, Sarah’s husband Ed welcomed attendees to come in black if they wished, or to celebrate Sarah’s sartorial spirit with bursts of spring color.

And I immediately thought that if the vibe felt right, it would be fun to capture a few photos in Sarah’s honor. And while I was a little hesitant to prowl around the reception too much, lest people think I was creepy, the below images are a mere sampling of a memorial fit for a fashionista like Sarah.

+ + + + +

Sarah, in your honor, I wore the happiest, brightest skirt and shoes in my closet. I'd tell you that yellow is really in this season (the May issue of InStyle told me so...) but you already knew that. Also, it seems rather fitting that my first postpartum get-out-of-your-yoga-pants event was to celebrate you. (Baby Violet is 8 weeks old today and was impressively well behaved at your memorial.)

There were floral dresses...

...and floral shoes (I knew you'd want to see mine up close).

Those who wore black honored you with super pretty details...

...or a surprising pop of color.

There were three of your dear friends wearing fascinators.

There were bright solids (this outfit was utterly perfect from head to toe)...

...and bold prints (this one worn by your mother, a woman whose strength, grace, and humor was such a reminder of you).

There were bright accessories...

...and funky shoes. (I entered the church behind this guy and knew I had to track him down at the reception.)

There were happy ties...

...and unexpected details. (The collar of this shirt has cars on it!)

And there were symbols and colors reflective of you. Ed (who graciously allowed me to take his photo) told me this tie was a gift from you. And after seeing him in action today, it was crystal clear to everyone present why you call him Mr. Wonderful.

We all miss you so much Sarah. Your spirit lives on for so many and I am grateful to be one of those people.