Mother's Day Gratitude

I'm grateful for so much on a daily basis, and while I didn't ask for anything in particular for Mother’s Day, there were some things that made the day pretty damned awesome. Today I was grateful for...

…Violet sleeping for an 8 hour stretch last night for the first time ever -- she’s been blessing us with 6 hour chunks over the last week or two, but 8 hours (since I went to sleep at the same time she did) was pretty spectacular.

…waking up to Laurel showering me with Mother’s Day drawings and a top 10 list of reasons why I’m a great mom.

…Jon bringing me breakfast in bed. That just never gets old.

…the beautiful weather.

…successfully completing Day 1 of Couch to 5K -- my first running since delivering Violet.

…bringing Laurel and Violet to celebrate my Mom with three of my sisters –- after lunch we all went out for ice cream. I seriously cannot remember the last time that happened. So sweet.

…Laurel finally losing her super wiggly bottom tooth. She wiggled it between every single bite of lunch. It came out while she was biting into her ice cream cone.

Such a wonderful day. I hope yours was equally lovely!