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The Sweetest Six Months

Freakish core strength at 5 months Violet is such a giggly, chubbalicious fixture in Jon, Laurel, and my lives that it's truly hard to imagine that we ever lived without her. I mean, of course we remember what our lives were like as a family of three -- and it was a beautiful life -- but there's just so much love for our new family unit.

It occurs to me -- in celebrating Violet's sixth month this weekend -- that unlike when Laurel was a baby, I have not written down every one of Violet's milestones (minute or massive) in earnest. I have not worried about scheduling her naps. I have passed her around for cuddles plenty and put her down when I've needed to put her down. It's just so different this go around in so many ways.

This time last year Violet was a mere sprig, our 15 week Roll, barely showing to the outside world. Now, even just at six months, she has made her personality clear. She has an easy and happy disposition; her deep belly laugh will right even the crappiest day. She loves sleeping -- she's been sleeping through the night since she was six weeks old (Mother’s Day -- thank you!), allowing me to be remarkably functional. She is bursting with life and the desire to keep up with Laurel. A month ago she started doing plank pose (I only remember the date because I snapped the above picture), quickly followed by pivoting and scooting backwards on her belly, sitting up, and -- as of a couple of weeks ago -- crawling on hands and knees. She eagerly crawls to us if we're not right next to her and otherwise happily rams into (we call her baby tatanka), climbs up on, and uses us for pull up and standing practice. And today, she eagerly tasted her first solid food; Violet officially is no longer 100% powered by mama's milk.


I know there is so much to discover about this child, but right now, I'm just relishing what has been the sweetest six months. I love you, sweet Vi.