Because It's Still Cool To Blog


Oh how I’ve missed this blog. I mean, I don’t feel guilty about not posting frequently -- the whole point of this space is that it is mine to post to freely (or, um, not). However, I’ve had several moments since last month where I’ve wanted to post and just haven’t been able to find the time. It’s been busy. I know everyone says that, but my consulting work ramped up in a big way starting in August. I've needed a break from my laptop. Anyway, I’m feeling so full of love and gratitude right now. And wanting to share. And wanting to make more time for this little personal corner now that I'm getting a grip on my work stuff. Even though I’m a bit sleep deprived right this second. And recovering from a butter coma. We returned today from California –- a blissful, blissful trip. It was the first time Jon, Laurel, Violet, and I traveled by plane together and it was the first really vacation-y feeling trip we’ve taken together. There were so many beautiful moments:

We were greeted by the most loving and bountiful welcome by my brother-in-law Josh. So very appreciated after starting our day at 4am in Boston.

The water Josh served always was garnished with lemon slices fresh from this lemon tree.

We got to hang out in my sister-in-law’s studio (thank you, thank you C!), where she creates absurdly awesome and colorful pieces such as this…

And this:

And in which Laurel learned to felt. #awesome

We stayed in a hotel with a super friendly staff that loved fawning over my children.

I discovered that walking around with Violet at 5am isn’t so bad when the hotel café is open (thank you Starbucks, for being the same no matter where you travel) and you can experiment with fun pictures like this:

The weather was utterly perfect every single day.

I learned how amazingly handy the GPS is on my new’ish smartphone. #wowmyoldphonesucked

I got to see Josh perform live music. #inspiring

We attended the wedding of a dear friend from elementary school. Such love. Such joy. Such an honor to witness it all. I still feel happily weepy just thinking about the event. Thank you Michael and Suzy for providing us with the impetus to come to California. Also, those cupcakes were off the hook.

My babies reveled in the joy of rolling around in a king sized bed. #stinkincute

I got to meet up with my lovely friends Whitney and Heather not once but twice. The first time we met up with the kids, the second time sans kids (during which our waiter clearly thought we were looking to party...I can't remember the last time I've been advised to order shots). I am so grateful to have such brilliant and wonderful and funny friends.

Photo impressively shot by Laurel

We enjoyed the beauty and significance of opting to take different paths at the Japanese tea garden. The last time we visited the tea garden Laurel fell asleep in the stroller and missed the whole thing. This time, she experienced it all on foot, and we pushed Violet in the stroller.

Laurel made three new pen pals: my high school friend Kristy (we had a fantastic time hanging out with her and her husband Rob at the wedding), Whitney’s adorable son Julian (#prom2022), and a new little friend named Penny.

We consumed a criminal amount of baked treats. #timetogetbacktoC25K

I tasted caramel balsamic gelato. And also a coconut almond gelato that nearly made my head explode with happiness. I still feel a little bad that I finished off the pint.

Jon and I had a chance to walk and talk and browse together. Delightful. I love that man.

We discovered that Laurel and Violet are rock star travelers. Through all the various phases (including an absurdly early departure from Boston and an absurdly late departure from San Francisco), they rolled with it.

Without the backdrop of work and household minutia, I was able to be mindful. Present. Relaxed. My heart ached with happiness during this trip; so much so that I have wondered whether we ought to spend a couple of months of the year in California.

Meanwhile, I will hold tight to my chest all of these gifts and doses of happiness. And do everything I can to carry the joy and mindfulness forward here at home.