Explore 2019 #223: Gold stars

Anyone else's ass getting kicked by back-to-school season? Big picture, everything is OK and there have been little victories and moments of joy the last couple of weeks, but it has also felt overwhelming and, at points, rage-inducing: dealing with emotional meltdowns, clueless adults, social drama, too much schedule Tetris, endless mess, constant searching for laundry items, and....wait for it...lice.

Typically, I'm great working at home. I hunker down in my office and crush my to-do list and ignore the mess. But last night I was like, I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE away from all of the physical and emotional chaos and not be the de facto parent on call.

So this morning I got dressed and headed to @the.wing. I breathed in and out on my walk to the train. I looked up at the blue sky. I delighted in a book during my commute. I reminded myself that this is just a season and that I am enjoying abundance every day. And I decided to don my gold stars, because I feel like I deserve a lot of them for making it through the last couple of weeks.

If you've had a tough couple of weeks too, I'm sending you love and gold stars.